Haz Aliessa

Homegrown in Manhattan’s East Village, with experience dating all the way back to his childhood working in family restaurants, promoting for nightclubs, opening a restaurant of his own, and eventually brokering agreements to bring countless hospitality endeavors to fruition, Haz is a true expert in the NYC hospitality industry. His steadfast commitment to get the best deal terms for his clients has earned him loyalty across a vast network of international entrepreneurs, bringing relationships to and from the world’s most competitive business environments such as Dubai and Tokyo, but always calling NYC home.

Haz holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Touro College. His bold yet professional style of negotiating has been showcased on national TV as the emerging star of Bravo’s “The Risky Listing”. Haz has a reputation among restaurateurs and landlords alike in NYC as somebody who is driven to generate results, and his success towards that end keeps his clients always coming back to continue helping them grow their business.

Dylan Cane

Dylan attended Penn State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. He recognized early on the rapid growth and expansion of communities, housing, and businesses around him, and knew he wanted to be an integral part of real estate and development. After college, he immediately relocated to New York City and completed internships in residential and commercial real estate and development, where he began to hone his skills and knowledge relevant to real estate in NYC.

Furthering his growth, he joined Tower Brokerage in 2019. Dylan shares with his team members a deep appreciation for the unique hospitality experiences New York offers, and he is dedicated to put his education and experience to work for Tower’s clients, to find the solutions they need to successfully operate in NYC’s fiercely competitive environment.

Paul McQuade

Paul began his career in the food & beverage industry as a business planning and operations analyst for Heineken. Over his 14 years with Heineken, Paul gained valuable exposure to many different areas of the business and went on to hold various sales managerial positions in both California and New York. With his extensive sales experience, his familiarity with clients in the hospitality industry, and his unique aptitude to process real data for operations to make informed decisions around brand integration, Paul provides tremendous value and insight to both his clients and his teammates alike.

Paul holds a B.S. in Marketing and Management from Siena College where he was a member of their Division I lacrosse program. He grew up in the suburbs of NYC, and is well at home in the fast-paced environment that makes NYC the top-tier business center that it is. When not traversing the streets, Paul spends his free time as head coach of a youth team in Westchester, NY; sharing his passions for teamwork, competition, and his favorite sport with the next generation.

Michael Rodriguez

Michael is a personable and highly driven professional with an undying commitment to excellence and integrity. Coming to NYC from Palm Beach, FL, Michael aims to personify the simple elegance and levity characteristic of his hometown while delivering to his clients the efficiency and determination characteristic of his favorite city, New York.

Michael began his professional career in Global Procurement for one of the world’s largest high-end furniture manufacturers. There, Michael communicated regularly with stakeholders both domestic and abroad, while developing keen analytical skills and familiarity with high-cost transactions. Hoping to put to use his skills and experience in a manner congruent with his passion for good food and hospitality, Michael now thrives in ushering his clients through the would-be-daunting journey of finding a home for their business in NYC.